Parenting How To: Setting Up Your Home for Distance Learning Success

Read these tips and ideas on how to set your children up for remote learning success.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • September 20, 2020
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Back in March when many schools across the country transitioned to remote learning due to the COVID-19 shutdown, most families did their best to make space at home for their little learners. Now with school back in session and many districts still doing either all remote or a hybrid model, creating a quiet yet inspirational place for children to Zoom, study and read at home remains a challenge. We culled the best tips and ideas on how to set up a remote learning space for your kids. 

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Where to set up a remote learning desk?
This is probably the most asked question amongst parents. The truth is though, that since most children have laptops, where they get their work done can be a fluid choice. While older kids can certainly benefit from having their own private workspace in their room, younger children will inevitably require help from their parents while on their Zoom classroom calls. Also, parents should keep an eye on the younger ones, or those with attentional issues, to make sure they're not cruising the Internet or playing Roblox. 

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Keep it quiet
A noisy household can surely be a huge distraction for remote learners. Whether it's a barking dog, mom on a Zoom meeting or a little sibling crying, it's important to reduce the noise factor. Try noise-cancelling headphones or turn a fan on to create white background noise for your child. Create a sign to put on their door that says "Zoom in session" to prevent any interruptions in their room during their classes. 

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Teach them to protect their devices 
By this point in our adult lives, most of us have learned the perils of spilling liquid or dropping food on our laptops. Let's teach our children from our mistakes and spell out some guidelines: No food or liquids near the computer; always keep the laptop on a stable and flat surface and never bring it outside the house without permission. 

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Remote school organizing tips
Proper storage can mean the difference between a house full of school clutter and a neatly organized remote learning environment. You don't need to spend a ton of money to make your space look and feel clutter-free. Look for bins and shelving that can house the various books, art supplies your children will need. Storage with wheels can help when your child needs to rotate from room to room for their work. 

Remote Learning Zoom Tips 
Share these tips with your child to help set them up for success while on Zoom calls:

  • Make sure you have sharpened pencils, appropriate subject folder and a charged Chromebook (or computer) before calls start.
  • Close out all other tabs on the device except for the zoom tab for the class you're joining. 
  • Remove any distractions from the area before the class starts. 
  • Do not open any other tabs for another class until your teacher dismisses you from Zoom. 


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