Things to do with your family while social distancing

We can all try and find pleasure in the pause of our regular lives we're all experiencing right now. Make staying home fun for the family with these boredom-busting ideas.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • March 28, 2020

DockATot tips for families social distancing

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What a different world we're now living in. Just three weeks ago, scheduling playdates, visiting the library or going to the movies with your littles was second nature. Now, socially distancing ourselves from anyone other than immediate family is the new normal. In order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, we're all doing our parts as a nation and #stayinghome. It's become the cool (and right) thing to do! 

Dockatot family bonding tips

Social distancing can also create a stronger bond and closeness. Families are spending more time together as a unit than possibly ever before--and that's a silver lining for sure. However, that doesn't mean the youngest members of our tribes aren't bored and cranky--after all, spending time away from friends and straying from a normal routine is enough to make anyone feel out of sorts. We came up with some cures to beat the boredom blues. Here are some ideas for screen-free family fun. Don't worry if you only have enough time and energy to simply just snuggle with your little ones--that can be more special than anything.

Family scavenger hunt
Get creative and craft together a scavenger hunt for the little ones. Hide toys or treats along the way so they can "discover" fun items along with clues to point them in the right direction for the next hidden treasure. 

Get moving
We're fully on board with screen time as long as it's beneficial to both mind and body. Little ones love Go Noodle, a free online resource loaded with mindfulness and movement videos to get the whole family off the couch. Teachers use it to break up class time and keep kids energized and engaged.

Create a time capsule
This is something that families will thank themselves for doing years into the future. Gather up some meaningful mementos that you won't miss and find a shoebox or plastic container to put them in. Think ticket stubs to plays or sports games; a favorite t-shirt of your child's that no longer fits and the headlines from the news today. Find a spot in your house--preferably the attic, basement or some other "hidden" area to store it away for years to come. 

Window hearts

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Wear your hearts on your windows 
There's a social media movement afoot to inspiring people from around the globe to decorate their windows with hearts. We may not be able to go inside other people's homes right now, but by decorating your windows cut-out hearts, rainbows or words of hope and love, neighbors walking by can feel even just a bit more uplifted. 


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Host a tea party
We love a good, old-fashioned tea party complete with furry guests. Get out the biscuits and lemonade to make it kid-friendly. You can even FaceTime with buddies and create a virtual tea time that can be just as fun as the real thing. 

dockatot cabana kit

Spend time outdoors
Sometimes, just the simple pleasure of getting outside--a safe 6 feet from others of course-- can boost our moods. There is a therapeutic practice that started in Japan known as "forest bathing." The thought is that spending time around nature outside can help you achieve happiness, calm and balance. Trees have a natural healing power to them. As the weather becomes nicer each day, let's take advantage of the pure and cleansing powers of mother nature. 

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