DockATot's Indigo Chambray in the Sun & Sea Expansion Collection

  • Roma Patel
  • July 01, 2021

Our Sun & Sea summer expansion collection is now LIVE! And we just turned up the heat with a new colorway drop: classic, natural, tranquil - we give you the DockATot Indigo Chambray.

DockATot Indigo Chambray

Inspired by the timeless appeal of your favorite pair of jeans, this new dock is already an instant hit. The faded, natural indigo-blue is an irresistible shade embodying the summertime hues of cloudless skies and ocean expanses. 

Child sitting in a DockATot Indigo Chambray dock

The color blue has long been a symbol of serenity, peace and tranquility, and this deep, opulent indigo dye further conveys a sense of integrity and sincerity. We wanted to play our part in bringing some of these qualities into homes across the globe after such a turbulent year.

DockATot Sun and Sea Collection lookbook ideas

Sun & Sea Collection

Our Sun & Sea collection is all about celebrating the wonder of nature’s enchanting colors. They perfectly capture bright, summertime shades - injecting fresh, joyful vibes into your home. Our photoshoot was taken against a scenic seaside escape in Athens, Greece and we still can’t get over those deep blues. 

DockATot Sun&Sea photoshoot in Athens, Greece

The DockATot Deluxe+ and Grande docks are the perfect accessories for both indoor and outdoor playtime and lounging. Whether you’re at home, abroad or somewhere in-between, our textured chambray prints won’t fail to lend a stylish touch to your activities. 

DockATot Sun & Sea Collection

We guarantee this summertime collection will brighten up every corner of your home, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to your new parenting journey. 

Indigo Chambray

Chambray is a cotton-weave fabric made up of one dyed thread - here, a deep, luxurious indigo - and another usually white ‘filler’ thread. This fine, dense weave makes chambray the perfect summer fabric: durable, breathable and 100% cotton - the perfect choice for your baby. 

DockATot Indigo Chambray Deluxe+ Dock

The word ‘indigo’ comes from the Latin word for Indian, as it was originally imported from India to Europe. One of the seven colors of the rainbow - indigo has to be one of the richest colors on the visible spectrum between blue and purple.

And of course, we love it for its natural origins. The dye was first cultivated from the indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria) or woad plant (Isatis tinctoria), one of the reasons only aristocracy and royalty could afford it. 

Denim’s eternal appeal 

A white tee with jeans. This twinning has been integral to the modern closet for decades. Jennifer Aniston is living proof of this timeless style formula. And we love it. 

Straight-cut, skinny, flared, mom style, boyfriend, high-waist - which is your favorite?

With the Indigo Chambray’s faded-denim hue, we wanted to evoke the timeless appeal of your go-to pair of jeans. Familiar, stylish, comfy, classic - the guiding inspiration behind our design. 

Versatile and gender-inclusive

The faded, naturally-hued blue of the Indigo Chambray is wonderfully versatile and can complement a wide variety of interior styles. Try contrasting against a backdrop of crisp whites or a subtle neutral palette to make an impact. 

DockATot Indigo Chambray on photoshoot in Athens, Greece

We think it’s perfect for gender-neutral nurseries too. The indigo weave lends an artisanal quality to a traditional blue and brings a warmth and depth to natural textures like antique wood, rattan, hessian and jute.

Paired with on-trend yellow or a soft gray, you can introduce a more playful vibe. Take a look at Pantone’s colours of the year - ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’ for more inspiration. 

Make it playful: accessorise your dock

Here at DockATot, we want to stimulate your baby’s imagination and encourage their physical development all the while keeping them safe and snug. That’s why we teamed up with New York artist, Matthew Langille, to create the Cheeky Chums toy set to attach onto the mobile toy arch. 

DockATot Cheeky Chums toy arch set

The toy arch helps keep your little one entertained whilst safely lounging in their dock. It helps develop fine motor skills and strengthen their muscles as they reach for and grab the little black and white crinkly toys. Happy baby, happy parent. 

And if you’re making magical memories outdoors this summer, why not snap up one of our Cabana Kits. Designed to protect your baby from the sun’s rays, it comes with a fully retractable SPF 50+ UV shade, mosquito net, and weatherproof base to keep your dock pristine. 

DockATot Cabana Kit in Trellis

Behind the scenes

DockATot Sun & Sea Collection photoshoot in Athens, Greece

From ocean-inspired blues to colorful rainbow stripes, you can explore the inspiration behind our Sun & Sea collection by viewing our lookbook and connecting with us via Instagram. See the magic for yourself and shop the new collection in full. Welcome a season of warmth and sunshine into your home with our summer must-haves. 

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