Fall Maternity Fashion Ideas for Bump and Beyond

Pregnancy dressing can be hard, that’s why we tapped stylish mama Ariane Goldman, Hatch Collection founder and mom of two, for her fall fashion advice for expecting moms.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • September 23, 2019

Hatch Collection Fall Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy Style Tips from Ariane Goldman, Hatch Collection founder and mom of two

Fashion ruts are easy to fall into even when you’re not expecting. But throw a baby bump into the mix and your style can take a real nosedive. It’s easy to throw on whatever item of clothing happens to be clean and accessible in your closet, but we’ve learned that taking a moment to think about your outfit can pay off big time in the psyche department. We have a theory that when you leave the house looking and feeling cute, you just have a better day. But for real, pregnancy dressing can be hard, that’s why we tapped stylish mama and Hatch Collection founder Ariane Goldman for some fashion advice for expecting moms.

Fall and winter are great seasons to be pregnant. What style trends are you loving for fall/winter for expecting mamas?
I love layering yummy sweaters over long dresses with boots. I also love overalls with button-downs underneath.

Hatch Collection Overalls

Overalls are such a cute fashion choice for moms-to-be. What is your favorite way to style them?
I love putting a Victorian blouse underneath and wearing a sharp loafer. It’s the idea of dressing them up in an unexpected way.

Hatch Collection Fall Fashion

Stripes and other prints can be scary fashion choices for moms-to-be. What's your advice for mamas who want to give prints a try?
Patterns for the win! Feeling on trend and colorful makes one feel special and that’s the goal of HATCH - to feel special during this amazing time and not feel ostracized from what’s going on in fashion.

What are the must have accessories that are both cute and can also help mamas feel better about their growing bellies?
A great pair of socks, a cute headband, and a great crossbody bag always helps. That way your hands are free to grab some water or the stairwell if you need.

Hatch Collection Maternity Style

What are the top 5 Hatch essentials for pregnancy and beyond?

  1. HATCH Layers Set

  2. Slouch Dress

  3. Knit Overall

  4. New Boyfriend Maternity Jean

  5. Longsleeve Tee

Let's talk shoes. What brands/shoes can you recommend that are comfy yet still chic during pregnancy? 
I love Freda Salvador. I love Chanel flats. I still live in my Rag and Bone boots.

Hatch Collection

What are your style tips for moms-to-be in their last trimester, when the bump has become the star of the show?
Hug it out and wear something a little more form-fitting to show off what you’ve got! Start investing in button-downs and button-down dresses. They’re not only breathable, but helpful in the fourth trimester when you’re nursing.

Ariane Goldman

(Hatch Collection founder Ariane Goldman with her daughters)

You launched Hatch to answer your own need to look chic during pregnancy. Now that you're a busy mom of two, how has your style evolved? Do you have a go-to uniform?
The heel height has gone down. Also, time isn’t on my side, so anything I can pull and grab while I’m on-the-run is usually my go-to. I love long dresses and anything cashmere to stay both elevated but comfortable throughout a long day.

Hatch is hitting the road this fall--where can our readers find your collection IRL?
We’re having some trunk shows around the US but for more information head to our Events Page! Also check us out IRL at our New York and Los Angeles stores – HATCH Brentwood and HATCH Bleecker.

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