Mother's Day at Home: How Some DockATot Families are Celebrating Mom This Year

A Mother's Day spent sheltering at home is just fine for these moms. Find out what some of our DockATot families are planning for Mother's Day.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • May 08, 2020


Deb Trette Dockatot

(Photo courtesy of Deb Trette)

Just because this is the first Mother's Day to fall during a global pandemic, doesn't mean that families should forgo celebrating mom. In fact, moms deserve loads of TLC this year. Whether it's taking the day off from any responsibilities or sharing in some fave at-home activities, we turned to some of our DockATot moms to find out what they have in store for Mother's Day this year.

Deb Trette
Deb Trette, @mythreewonders

Our current Mother's Day plans include a yummy brunch at home with my girls! We'll have all the pancakes, fruit and fresh squeezed OJ. We love being outdoors so we will also be spending the day out by the pool and going on a family walk. Being a mama to my four girls is the greatest gift. I value the time we get to spend together making endless memories. We usually celebrate together with the whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) but since we are all still under stay home orders, it will be just our little family. 

Kayla McKissick_dockatot

Kayla McKissick, @alittlepaperdoll

This will be my very first Mother's Day as a new mom! I am excited to spend the day with my five-month-old and husband at home! We plan to cook breakfast, put together a photo album, and soak up some sunshine on the porch. For me, it is all about spending time with my baby because he is the one that made me a mother.

Kayla dockatot

(Kayla's son Draco in his Bronzed Cheetah DockATot Deluxe+)

I value the little things, like finding ways to make special memories with my family and having quality time together. We would have loved to get together for a picnic with more of our family, but we will be doing FaceTime calls this year instead.

Danielle Moss dockatot

Danielle Moss (@daniellemoss_), co-founder of The Everygirl (@theverygirl) and The Everymom (@theeverymom)

Much like everyone else, our little family of three (soon to be four!) will be spending the day at home. I've asked to spend the morning in bed, although I'd love to have breakfast together and enjoy some time with my girl. Things have been a little crazy lately so getting a few hours to myself and then relaxing at home with my daughter and husband sounds like the perfect day. Getting to be Margot's mom is the best thing I've ever done. She's so sweet and is in such a fun stage (22 months). 

Danielle Moss

I would have loved to get a massage and would have gone to brunch or had dinner with my in-laws. We have been isolating at home and won't be seeing anyone. Since we've been home for 60 days now, it doesn't feel like that big of a change for us, and I am looking forward to a relaxing day together. 


Brittany Michele

Brittany Michele Pruitt, fashion and lifestyle blogger; @bisousbrittany

This is my first Mother’s Day and I am so excited about that! I know things will be a little different than normal, but my plans are just to enjoy this special day with my new baby boy and husband. I am such a homebody, I probably would have wanted to stay at home with my family on Mother’s Day anyways! I will be so happy to have a nice brunch and spend the rest of the day cuddling with my son Monaco, relaxing, watching some of our favorite shows and indulging a little with some of our favorite foods and treats. 


Brittany dockatot

There is nothing more important to me than having the health of my beautiful baby boy, my husband and of course, myself. It is so easy to take that for granted, but I count my blessings each day for our good health. I am extremely appreciative to be able to stay at home and watch my baby grow and change each and every day in the comfort of our home.

Cristina Ortiz

Cristina Ortiz, @cristinabellaa

We’re big party people, every Mother’s Day we all get together and have mariachi. This year that had to be cancelled due to the stay at home order.  Our plans have changed completely due to the current situation, however we do plan on delivering flowers to our own mothers. My daughter loves giving her grandmas flowers, so we hope to keep that tradition going. Hopefully ending the night making cookies with my family and enjoying a good movie. My daughter has been my biggest blessing and it’s thanks to her that I’m able to celebrate this day. 




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