Mom Stories: How We Coped with Infertility

We partnered with some amazing moms in honor of National Infertility Week, as they invited us into their lives and gave us an intimate look inside their struggles.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • April 22, 2019

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(Pictured above Ali Hynek and her four children)

Mom Stories: How We Coped with Infertility
For the over 7 million Americans struggling with infertility, the road to becoming a parent is not an easy one. We partnered with some amazing moms (and moms-to-be) in honor of National Infertility Week, as they invited us into their lives and gave us an intimate look inside their struggles. The most important thing to remember when dealing with infertility is that you’re not alone. Here, the inspiring and emotional stories of these beautiful women.

Ali Dockatot Infertility Week Blog Post

Ali Hynek, founder of Nena & Co., @ali_hynek
“Going through infertility is so emotionally draining. You question so much about yourself and why your body isn’t functioning as a woman,” says Ali, who even started her own company during the time while she was trying to get pregnant. Launching her own company during that stressful time served as a welcome distraction from the anxiety and depression she was battling about not being to get pregnant. Ali now has four beautiful children that were born via IVF and a very busy life balancing a thriving career and motherhood.

Caitlin Lindquist_Dockatot

Caitlin Lindquist, blogger at Dash of Darling; @caitlinclairexo
Caitlin opens up about her infertility struggles and how after several failed attempts she was left heartbroken and frustrated. “I’m a fighter and wasn’t willing to give up. Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and just power through,” she says. Caitlin eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Luna. Says Caitlin: “She was worth every pinch, prick, bruise and tear because she is so amazing.”

Cara Chatwin Dockatot

Cara Chatwin, influencer and YouTube star of The Chatwins; @carachatwin
When not able to get pregnant right away, Cara received a little help from some fertility drugs and is now mom to four beautiful children.  Cara admits that while she was quickly able to get pregnant, there should be sensitivity around any infertility issues. “Every struggle is different,” she says. “When there is nothing you want more than to have a baby and it consumes every thought, it is hard; and your story and your feelings are valid.”

Elsie Larson Dockatot

Elsie Larson, blogger of A Beautiful Mess and The Larson House; @elsielarson
Elsie shares her journey to becoming an adoptive mom. “Everyone’s story can be so different,” says Elsie. After years of trying to conceive, Elsie and her husband opted for adoption as their path instead. “We were actually super excited, which was a sign for us that adoption was our path,” she says. They are currently in the process of adoption another child and couldn’t be happier. Elsie beams: “Adoption has truly changed my life!”

Heather Crockett Dockatot

Heather Crockett Oram, @heathercrock
Heather was unable to carry children of her own, so her and husband Jason, who was already a dad to two boys, turned to adoption. But their family grew quicker than they ever thought it would. “I couldn’t imagine we’d be adopting two perfect baby boys within four months of each other!” says Heather of their “Irish twins.” They had even more boys in our home for a while, when the biological brother of one of their sons needed help. “I’m a mom to four beautiful boys and I didn’t give birth to a single one of them, but I’m so grateful and I love them all very much.”

Jaclyn Misch Dockatot

Jaclyn Misch, blogger of Chasing Grapes and star of Survivor; @jaclynmisch
Jaclyn was born with MRKH syndrome, which she describes as being born with “no oven.” Jaclyn is actively trying have a baby via surrogacy and has been sharing her struggles publicly on her blog and Instagram channels. “Everyone has their own journey to parenthood. Our journey isn’t normal, but it’s our version of normal and it’s all we know,” says Jaclyn.

National Infertility Awareness week is April 21-27.
Check out our Instagram stories all week long to hear these women speak about their unique paths to parenthood. 

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