Motherhood Stories: A Special Video Series by DockATot

Motherhood stories by DockATot is a special series of videos that pay tribute to the joys and challenges of being a mom. Join us as we laugh, cry and embrace the chaos with these amazing mamas.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • April 18, 2019

Dockatot Video series_motherhood stories

Motherhood Stories: A Special Video Series by DockATot

Here at DockATot, we're incredibly lucky to come across so many amazing mothers every single day. We listen to their stories and get mini peeks into their lives. We wanted a way to share some of their stories with you. We decided to create a series of videos featuring just a few of the mamas who are juggling it all, just like you. These incredible women are raising their kids to be #stronglikemom. 

Here, a look at some of our favorite snippets. 

Danielle is a strong business owner that knows the value of having a creative outlet as a mother. Her accomplishments are inspiring to her children as they watch her work hard.

Katie is a single mom who is raising her daughter to be just as strong and self-reliant as she is. There are no gender roles in their home. Katie gets things done around the house regardless of whether they are supposed to be done by a man or a woman. Her daughter won't grow up seeing any difference between what a man is supposed to do versus a woman. Talk about empowerment. 

Oakley has embraced all of the challenges and change that come along with becoming a mom. She has learned that making time for herself and that letting go of perfection have made her a happier person. 

Dockatot motherhood stories

For more videos featuring these mamas, visit our YouTube channel. 

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