Rondo Gold

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Product Details

The Rondo is a circular pedestal base that lends a playful yet chic graphic element when paired with an Aristot bassinet, ottoman or tabletop. The gold hue complements many design choices and also adds flare to any room in the home. Aristot pedestal bases are an essential component in the modular design of our family of products. The steel metal bases are all expertly moulded and interchangeable to suit the specific design needs of families. All bases are finished with a supreme coating to ensure long term durability.

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    Length: 98 cm; Width: 63 cm; Height: 40 cm;
    Weight: 14 kg

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    • To support the Aristot Bassinet
    • Can be used interchangeably with Aristot Ottoman, Bassinet and Tabletop
    • Designed in Sweden, made in Europe 
    • For use with Aristot Bassinet, Tabletop or Ottoman only.
    • Coating: Liquid ecological acrylic paint without the use of heavy metals and galvanic bathes.
    • Compliant with REACH, the EU regulation that protects human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by harmful chemicals.
    • Each base is handmade and unique, therefore slight imperfections may appear.
    • Dimensions
      Length: 38.6 in; Width: 24.8 in; Height, 15.7 in; Weight: 31 lbs
      Length: 98 cm; Width: 63 cm; Height, 40 cm; Weight: 14 kg
    Safety Testing and Certification:  
    • Designed and tested to stringent global bassinet standards (ASTM F2194, EN 1130) 
    • Meets or exceeds children’s product general safety regulations (US CPSIA 2008) 
    • Testing for the presence of harmful heavy metals and other chemicals
    Care Instructions:
    • BASE - Periodically wipe metal parts clean with a damp, soft cloth. Always dry the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust.



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